Angie Cande, PT, DPT

Angie received her Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy (1977) from University of Connecticut, her Master of Science in Orthopedic Physical Therapy from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute Of Health Profession (MGH IHP) (1989) and her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy (2004), also from MGH IHP. She enjoys working with a variety of orthopedic patients especially shoulder, neck, knee, foot dysfunctions, spinal stenosis, acute spine and recently has been trained in Dry Needling.  Angie has a passion for educating people in injury prevention; “Posture plays such a crucial role in the cases we treat and definitely warrants more respect! With computers and handheld electronic devices so prevalent, we need to teach people about the frequent neck, shoulder, and upper back maladies that may arise before their symptoms become acute.” Angie recently became certified in LSVT-Big; an evidence based physical therapy protocol designed for individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or other degenerative neurological disorders.

Away form the office, she enjoys biking, sailing, camping, cross-country skiing and beaching!!