Patient Spotlight: Robert Baines

As the Mayor of Manchester, NH from 2000 to 2006, Robert Baines is a well-known voice around the “Queen City.” We could not have been more pleased when he offered us the opportunity to share his recent experience with MVPT’s Telehealth and his Physical Therapist, Kevin Pozzi, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC (and MVPT Managing Partner) following a recent shoulder surgery in January of this year.

“I have been a patient at MVPT since 2018 when I received physical therapy prior to and following a knee replacement surgery. I returned to their care before my recent shoulder surgery, and I am now back again after surgery and working with Kevin. I have chosen to stay with MVPT for my physical therapy care as other challenges arose, because of their friendly atmosphere and the wonderful professionals on their team. From the moment you enter the office, you are greeted by the entire staff and after a short while you feel like family.

Prior to March 2020, my in-office visits with MVPT were highly beneficial, I really enjoyed the hands-on services provided during the one-on-one sessions with Kevin. My care was always delivered in a way that I understood each step of the process, and I was educated on my home exercise program and other things that I could do on my own to benefit my recovery. However, it wasn’t long before physical therapy, and life in general, as we had known it would change in a big way.

With the surge of COVID-19, there were many reasons to fear that the physical therapy care I needed would be compromised by my inability to be seen in a MVPT office. Although I was reassured of the safety measures in place to make it safe to come in, ultimately, I decided that self-quarantine was right for me, and I would need to rely even more on Kevin to help me with my therapy in a way that was new to both of us.

My first telehealth session with Kevin, I was skeptical: how could this possibly compare to the in-office sessions I was used to? How would I get the same benefit from being in my home and communicating through a computer? I need not have worried- Kevin was a true professional. The transition went very smoothly, and I looked forward to my twice-weekly “visits” where he guided me through my rehab in a very effective way. I made good and steady progress; the experience was excellent and beyond my expectations. Without telehealth I would not have been able to advance in my recovery, and in all honesty, it was much more effective than I thought it would be. The whole experience could not have been any easier. Kevin was at ease with the process and I could not be more pleased with the progress I have made. My shoulder recovery benefited from being able to stay in regular contact with Kevin, who was able to guide me as he adjusted by exercise routine. During the prolonged self-isolation caused by COVID, I equally enjoyed the personal connection with Kevin and our conversations. If needed in the future, I would not hesitate to utilize telehealth physical therapy.

As local restrictions have been eased, and with the updates Kevin provided on MVPT’s actions to keep the clinic safe, I have returned to office visits at the Bedford location. The clinic has been rearranged to promote appropriate distancing during patient care, and the full staff and all patients wear face masks. In addition to monitoring my temperature upon arrival, I can see how thoroughly everyone is cleaning surfaces to keep the environment as safe as possible. While I feel in-person visits are better for me, I could not have progressed in my recovery during COVID-19 without the excellent telehealth physical therapy sessions provided by MVPT and Kevin Pozzi. I would absolutely recommend Kevin and his team at MVPT to anyone in need of in-clinic or telehealth physical therapy.”

To learn more about your in-clinic and telehealth options, or to schedule your physical therapy evaluation complete this form or contact your nearest MVPT location:

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