Industrial Rehabilitation


When I started PT I had so much pain in my elbow and hand. I couldn’t sleep at night and there were many things I couldn’t do any more because of the pain and I had lost a lot of strength in my arm. I now have absolutely no pain and I have gained back most of the strength in my arm thanks to PT.  Sarah Bourque was my PT, a very intelligent, caring person. Thank you for all your help.  Merrimack Valley Physical Therapy is a very professional, helpful and friendly place.  Thank you!
Lois Cash

MVPT’s On-Site | Industrial Rehab & Employee Wellness

Targeting your industries’ need for a healthier, more cost effective work place, our industrial medicine team of Kevin Pozzi, PT, Sarah Houle, PT, and Stephen Ellis, PT are poised to help you make your workplace a safer more productive environment and control your costs associated with workman’s compensation claims.

Job Specific and Convenient
We know your employees’ specific job requirements because we come to you to measure and evaluate each job, on-site.

  • Detailed Job Specific Analysis (OSHA required)
  • Individualized Ergonomic Jobsite Assessment
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation

Cost Effective
MVPT’s On-Site Industrial Rehab can:

  • Lost work days
  • Work injuries
  • Lost work time associates with off-site rehab services
  • Workers compensation costs
  • Cost of medical management


  • Productivity
  • Safety awareness
  • Employee fitness/health
  • Employee return to work rate
  • Communication concerning medical management of injured employees
  • Compliance and accountability of injured employees receiving rehab services


Injury Prevention

  • Education in prevention of cumulative trauma, back injury, and over-use injuries
  • Job specific employee fitness assessments and training
  • Job site ergonomic assessment/modifications
  • Instruction in independent exercise programs for employees with complaints of pain or discomfort

Industrial Rehabilitation

  • Early intervention and timely management of musculoskeletal complaints and injuries by our licensed Physical Therapists, who are able to evaluate and treat patients without a potential time consuming and expensive visit to a specialist or emergency room.
  • Orthopedic physician support for timely medical intervention of musculoskeletal injuries when necessary.
  • Serve as On-site medical liaison with outside medical providers, insurance case managers and industrial safety/management personnel.
  • Facilities safe job reentry following injury.
  • On-Site job specific work conditioning by our staff, offering a cost effective alternative to traditional work hardening

On-Site Wellness Program

  • Job Specific Personal Fitness Program for at risk employees.
  • Cost effective small group and individual fitness programs for all interested employees.
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Health screens
  • Massage