Sneaker Recommendations

Choosing the correct footwear for your activity is an important decision, because choosing the wrong footwear can lead to even more physical ailments than you started with.  We’ve got the answers for you in this great handout created by Kristina Beote, DPT.  

What is the difference between pronation vs supination? Both pronation and supination are movements of the foot that are necessary for a normal gait pattern. 

  • Pronation is when the ankle turns inward and acts as a means of shock absorption.
  • Supination is when the ankle and foot raise upward and acts to give the foot stability when stepping forward

Purchasing sneakers to fit your needs is an investment in yourself, and like any other investment there are things you can do to extend the life and function of your footwear. One way is to untie your shoes when taking them off instead of kicking them off by pushing at the heel.  This will prevent breakdown of the heel counter of the shoe. You should also avoid running or walking in wet sneakers or washing sneakers in the washing machine.  When your sneakers are wet the mid-soles lose their shock absorption.

Check out the handout from Kristina, grab your current shoes and put your new knowledge to use in understanding your own foot mechanics.

Have other questions about how to choose the right footwear for working & playing? Contact MVPT to schedule a free consultation…and don’t forget to bring along your favorite shoes!

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