Over the last several years, I’ve been prescribed physical therapy as a recovery aid for various ailments. Fortunately, I found a facility nearby that provides excellent care with very positive results.
First, I had a total knee replacement, and by the time saw physical therapist Joe Medeiros at the Merrimack Valley Physical Therapy Center in Londonderry scar, tissue had begun but the therapy was extremely effective in restoring fl flexibility to the joint. I was also treated for spinal stenosis with very positive results. My latest prescribed session was for severe tendonitis in my Achilles tendon, which extremely limited my mobility. The results of my latest treatments have been outstanding, and I’m much more ambulatory than in the recent past.
I think of Joe Medeiros as “my therapist” and friend, and highly recommend him and the Merrimack facility. Unfortunately, my ageing body may not have had its last physical therapy session, but the good news is that we have Joe Medeiros and the staff of the Merrimack Valley Physical Therapy Center nearby, where I know that my therapeutic needs will be met with positive results.

Glenroy Joseph