Mary took the needed time and skill to fully improve my neck injury. I could not recommend their services more. They care, they know, it works– thank you.
Eric Brothers

I had the pleasure of working with Kevin Pozzi on getting my right shoulder back into shape. This was the first time I had ever gone to physical therapy, and I couldn’t have asked for a better physical therapist to work with. Not only is Kevin super helpful and knowledgeable, be he was also so much fun to talk to for the 30-40 minutes I had with him twice a week. 

I would recommend MVPT to anyone who needs such services.

Branka Cvokic

I sustained a whiplash injury to my neck after being rear-ended after stopping at a red light. Our car was totaled, along with the car that hit us. My regular doctor recommended physical therapy and a friend recommended MVPT. Both recommendations worked out well. Joe Medeiros, the PT at MVPT, did a great job in helping me to get back to almost where I was before the accident. He was always pleasant, friendly and very competent. He developed an exercise routine for me, which I am continuing on my own to maintain the improvement that he was able to achieve for me. I would highly recommend MVPT and Mr. Medeiros, in particular.

Robert Loring

Because of Jeremy’s efforts, in just one month’s time, I was able to progress from having to get up an hour earlier than normal to take pain medication, to being able to go hiking in Chesterfield Gorge State Park in Keene, NH for my daughter’s wedding. Those memories cannot be replaced- and I will be forever grateful for all the concern and effort he showed to make it possible. Thank you Jeremy & MVPT!!

Elizabeth Mares

When I started PT I had so much pain in my elbow and hand. I couldn’t sleep at night and there were many things I couldn’t do any more because of the pain and I had lost a lot of strength in my arm. I now have absolutely no pain and I have gained back most of the strength in my arm thanks to PT. 

Sarah Bourque was my PT, a very intelligent, caring person. Thank you for all your help.  Merrimack Valley Physical Therapy is a very professional, helpful and friendly place.  Thank you!

Lois Cash

Andrew giggles his way through his physical therapy sessions. Joyce makes it so much fun that he doesn’t even realize he’s doing valuable work.

Erika Burgher

I have improved immensely since first coming. Combination of ultrasound treatments, home exercise program and being blessed with care by a true professional, Mary has brought me to a level where I am very much better. 

Thank You!

Priscilla Chauvette

I am very grateful to Angie Cande and MVPT. Within a few weeks I went from being in a great deal of pain to feeling much better. I was able to do this thanks to their very knowledgeable and caring staff, especially “my angel” Angie. Thank you so much!

Rosemarie Ducharme

Mary took the needed time and skill to fully improve my neck injury. I could not recommend their services more. They care, they know, it works– thank you.

Eric Brothers

Merrimack Valley Physical Therapy has consistently allowed me to avoid medication as I deal with back pain. My appointments have been very successful and I always turn first to Kevin Pozzi when I experience a flare-up.

Carole Huxel

 The Nashua therapy team of did a phenomenal job of working to bring my knee from a starting point of constant pain and not being able to bend or straighten at all, to a nearly pain-free and normal range – something my surgeon didn’t believe would ever be possible with my many medical complications.  They modified my program on a daily basis to fit the need of that day and developed a home routine for the off days that enabled me to make consistent progress.  Sandy Rodrigue in the Nashua office was simply outstanding from the onset of my therapy, and was able to accommodate me on extremely short notice coming out of surgery and has been a joy to work with over all the months following…a true testimony to the team atmosphere in the Nashua office. 

I owe a debt of gratitude for the care given me by MVPT Nashua team, and I highly recommend the Nashua staff for anyone in need of physical therapy services no matter how complicated your condition may be.

Rita King