Working together with the wonderful staff of Merrimack Valley Physical Therapy towards my rehab was amazing. The staff is respectful, professional and caring. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone who needs the services.
Diane Davila-Colon

The professionalism and courtesy was well beyond what I had expected, not to mention the friendly atmosphere, service and flexibility of scheduling. My physical therapist challenged me at every corner with enthusiasm and encouragement while keeping me focused on the appropriate exercises. All of the above created a nurturing atmosphere to foster my well-being as soon as possible without over pushing my limits.

Thanks again for the utmost care!

Gary Bishop

Mary took the needed time and skill to fully improve my neck injury. I could not recommend their services more. They care, they know, it works– thank you.

Eric Brothers

I chose MVPT for therapy after my total knee replacement. I’d like to thank you for the terrific care and expertise. I highly recommend MVPT to friends, family members, and anyone who needs physical therapy.

Bob Curry

From the first day my experience was positive. My pain improved quickly& Mary was just wonderful. Her knowledge of my problem was right on track. I would certainly come back for any problem requiring physical therapy.  Kevin treated me for a knee problem and he too knows his stuff.

Staff here is Awesome!!!

Lorraine Belanger

I have been a patient of MVPT since 2003. If I have a flare-up in my symptoms, I get in to see my PT as soon as possible; they listen to my concerns and treat my back issues with great professionalism and care.

Lorraine Boisvert

I highly recommend Merrimack Valley Physical Therapy! The staff & Therapists were extremely friendly & professional. My Physical Therapist Jeremy was Excellent!! I’ve tried physical therapy at 2 different locations with no relief. At MVPT Jeremy Seibert took the time to access my issue and treated me accordingly. Very professional & thorough. 5 Stars!

Sandra Cabana

Andrew giggles his way through his physical therapy sessions. Joyce makes it so much fun that he doesn’t even realize he’s doing valuable work.

Erika Burgher

When I started PT I had so much pain in my elbow and hand. I couldn’t sleep at night and there were many things I couldn’t do any more because of the pain and I had lost a lot of strength in my arm. I now have absolutely no pain and I have gained back most of the strength in my arm thanks to PT. 

Sarah Bourque was my PT, a very intelligent, caring person. Thank you for all your help.  Merrimack Valley Physical Therapy is a very professional, helpful and friendly place.  Thank you!

Lois Cash

I have been to MVPT for physical therapy several times, and have always found the therapists to be very responsive and caring, as well as knowledgeable. Kevin is all that and more… he truly cares about his patients and their treatment.

Jeanne Reed

I first came to Jeremy with vertigo, which he fixed immediately. I then came to him for tennis    elbow, which after weeks of PT was 100% better. Now I’m here for pain in my hamstring. I would highly recommend Jeremy. He is incredibly knowledgeable, flexible in his appointments, pushes me and really understood me and what my goals were– which were mainly to get out of PT as fast as I can!! I will not go to any other PT anymore. (I’ve tried 3 others)

Thank you!!

Dotsie Bohan