The professionalism and courtesy was well beyond what I had expected, not to mention the friendly atmosphere, service and flexibility of scheduling. My physical therapist challenged me at every corner with enthusiasm and encouragement while keeping me focused on the appropriate exercises. All of the above created a nurturing atmosphere to foster my well-being as soon as possible without over pushing my limits. Thanks again for the utmost care!
Gary Bishop

 The Nashua therapy team of did a phenomenal job of working to bring my knee from a starting point of constant pain and not being able to bend or straighten at all, to a nearly pain-free and normal range – something my surgeon didn’t believe would ever be possible with my many medical complications.  They modified my program on a daily basis to fit the need of that day and developed a home routine for the off days that enabled me to make consistent progress.  Sandy Rodrigue in the Nashua office was simply outstanding from the onset of my therapy, and was able to accommodate me on extremely short notice coming out of surgery and has been a joy to work with over all the months following…a true testimony to the team atmosphere in the Nashua office. 

I owe a debt of gratitude for the care given me by MVPT Nashua team, and I highly recommend the Nashua staff for anyone in need of physical therapy services no matter how complicated your condition may be.

Rita King

I chose MVPT for therapy after my total knee replacement. I’d like to thank you for the terrific care and expertise. I highly recommend MVPT to friends, family members, and anyone who needs physical therapy.

Bob Curry